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A selection of Neutral & Nude Nailpolishes

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

Here we are again, talking about nailpolishes. As I have shared in my previous post about my favorite nailpolishes for Fall and Winter (catch up here) I am not a very talented nail enthusiast but I do like to have my nails looking pretty and polished (pun intended). Although i really like bold bright colors, more often than not my first choice colour wise tends to be a neutral or nude. Today I’m sharing with you a selection of my fave neutral and nude nail polistes out of my collection.

Maybe you are wondering why i say neutrals and nudes – aren’t they all the same? Maybe. I consider nudes to be sort of more skin colored tones like pinks, beiges and browns. Neutrals for me are colors that feel subdued, don’t take attention or clash with any other colors on your outfit or make up but they aren’t skin toned. Looking at the pictures, I’m sure you’ll get the differences between them.

On the left side, top to bottom i swatched my current favorite neutrals shades. There are Essence Color & Go #115 Rockablue, Essence Color & Go #56 you and me? and finally Rival de Loop Ultra Gel in #18. So I don’t consider pastel blue, mauve and grey to be a nude, but they are very neutral. Hence the difference in category.

On the right side, top to bottom, are my fave nudes: Essie not just a pretty face (LE), Manhattan Last & Shine #465 Nude Luxe and lastly Essence Color & Go in #104 sweet as candy.

I swatched all of these on tesa tape and the swatches are very true to color, so you get a good idea how the polishes actually look like. The ones on the left are quite opaque with one to two coats. The ones on the left need a bit more building for the coloque to show up because they go on a lot shearer. I think these also look very beautiful both on the sheer side or more built up, it all depends on the occasion and on the time I have at my disposal – more layers, the longer intakes to dry.

Here again you see the swatches by the bottles. Right now I´d have to say, the Rival de Loop shade might be my favorite one. For the longest i loved not just a pretty face from Essie, but i think its time has come, whenever i try to use, the polish is veery hard to come onto to the brush and it just doesn’t spread well anymore. I am keeping it more for sentimental reasons at this point rather than actually using it. I would love to find a dupe for this. I´ve seen some similar shades, but nothing exactly like it. Help?!

Do you wear nailpolish regularly? Which is your go to color of nailpolish?

XO, LG, Bjs,


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