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Hello, Hallo, Olá

I am Patricia, nice to meet you. I like to talk about make up and some other lighter topics here on the blog because life is already heavy enough at times.

Sitting at the Vanity is actually the name of my IG account (follow me @sitting.at.the.vanity) and it does serve the purpose of the blog well. This is an extension of my IG posts, but also a deepening of the chats I have with my friends, a commentary on some interesting article or video I might have seen and a mix of thoughts going through my head concerning beauty, fashion and life in general as a thirty something year old mom of a little girl.

If you wonder why a start my posts with “Hello, Hallo, Olá”, that is my way of integrating some other parts of me: Hello stands obviously for English, which is the language of the blog, Hallo is German, the country I live in, and Olá is Portuguese and my mother tongue- I am Portuguese. If you want to leave me a comment in Spanish, French, or even Italian, please do. 🙂

Also, I’m co founder and co CEO of a small start up company in Berlin, our biggest project at the moment being “Das richtige Geschenk” Online Shop – we sell individual surprise gift boxes for women, men, children and pets. If you are looking for the right gift for someone for a special occasion, we´ve got you! Currently we just ship within Germany, but if you are outside of Germany and want to order something, just shoot me an email and we´ll make it work.

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