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Current Beauty Wishlist November 2018

Hello, Hallo, Olá

We are now in November and most of us are compiling their wishlists. I from time to time go through mine and declutter it quite frequently, so that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of stuff in there. Also, interests changes, new releases come out so I find it quite helpful to really take a look at your wishes and kind of see which ones are still interesting and – or – achievable.

I recently edited my wishlist and this is the result of it, make up wise.

Face products

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Blush Duo

I know most people lust after the Bronze and Glow duo, but I have enough similiar highlighters to hers in tone. The bronzer and blush duo though, really interests me.

I don’t know if it’s still available or if it was a limited edition, but if I was going to get something from darling Charlotte, that would be it. The thing is, I can’t really find it anywhere and at the official CT website it´s sold out, so I’m thinking it might have been an LE. Foto: CT Webseite

Hourglass Blush**

The Blushes I´d love to get my hands on are Diffused Heat, Luminour Flush or Incandescent Electra, all kind of peachy shades that would be perfect for me since I am really lacking in this color category (just have my almost finished Manhattan blush to represent all the peachyness) and it turns out to be a color I reach for quite a lot.


Nars Blush in Amour

Funny enough, there are quite a few blushes in this list. I have always been interested in trying the NARS blushes, and the color that most speaks to me is definitely Amour – a beautiful neutral shade.

Foto credit:

FENTY Beauty Kilowatt highlighter Duo

The Shade I am eyeing and that i think would match me better is the beautiful combination of Lightening Dust/Fire Crystal. One is more of a satin finish and the other gives you a bit more va va voom.

Foto Credit:

Infinity Palette by LH Cosmetics**

Since this palette came out, I have been dating it but never pulled the trigger. I really love the concept behind it, and that mustard shade always makes me drool. Also, the cool thing is that it doubles up as an easy eyeshadow palette.

Foto credit:

From Miild Make Up, I would really like to try the bronzer** and highlighter. They seem to be very beautiful and right up my alley! Also, they are vegan, cruelty free and their products are developed considering  people with allergies – in fact they are the first certified allergy “friendly” make up brand – great for sensitive skin!

Foto credit:


I overloaded in other categories, but I am very well edited on the lipstick side of life!

MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks**

I am a sucker for MAC lipsticks, they are my fave. Their latest release has gotten my attention and I´d love to try some of the bolder shades and see which one I would end up getting.

Nars Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl**

It just looks to be such a beautiful color. And it’s matte, like I like my lipsticks to be. And it’s hyped as hell and I am just curious to see what the hype is all about.

Foto credit:

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Lipgloss

I am NOT a lipgloss person, but ever since this came out, I have been hooked. It looks soooo beautiful, like I would actually use it. I haven’t until this date heard a bad comment about this product – even from people who like me don’t appreciate lip gloss. So I think if there would ever be one lip gloss for me, this might be it.

Foto credit: Google Images


Eyeshadow Palettes

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Don´t ask me what is such a basic palette doing here. This is purely a packaging thing. I have all these shades already. But still can’t deal with how pretty it is. BUT I would never buy it with my own money – LOL. This one truly just is there to “dream” about.

Foto credit: Temptalia

Smashbox Cover Shot Punked Palette or the Kevin Aucoin Nude Pop**

This is kind of a similar case to the Too Faced in that it is for dreaming purposes mainly. I don’t have all this shades, but have some similar ones already that could get me the same vibe. So I really wouldn’t need it. But it’s nice to dream about.

Foto credit:

Now the Kevin Aucoin Nude Pop is another story. It might seem similar to the Smashbox one, but the extra shades make it a whole new – and more interesting – palette. This one I really wouldn’t mind adding to my stash because it is pretty unique.

Foto credit:

I have schwatched my stash and found nothing that comparable. But then again, buying for that one shade doesn’t seem logical. Although I´d certainly use all the other shades as well.

Urban Decay Born to Run

I don’t really know why i feel so drawn to this palette, that everytime I see it, i need to talk myself out of it. I mean, there isn’t really anything too special about it – I have for sure similar shades already; yet there is something – maybe the layout – about it that really speaks to me. I wouldn’t go out and purchase it myself but I would not mind at all to receive it as a gift!

Foto credit:


Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow in kitten karma**

The hype is real on this one. And the shade is soo pretty. I would love to try something like this, I have nothing remotely similar to it on my collection.

Foto credit: Temptalia

If you are wondering what the ** is for, well, if I had to compile the wishlist to an actual “shopping list”, the products marked with this sign would be the first to land in the basket. These are like the top most interesting products of them all.

And that’s all Folks!

What´s on your wishlist?

XO, LG, Bjs,


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