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December 2018 Beauty Emtpies

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

ready for December Empties? I am! This month was kind of consistent with my pace of using products up. To the used up products, I have a few decluttered products because I just realized how old they were (buckle up your seat belt for that!). Let’s just jump into it, shall we?

Isana Classic Soft Body Lotion

This is the most basic body lotion you can get at the drugstore. I like it. It is VERY affordable (ca. 1 EUR), it lasts me a long time, sinks well into the skin and does feel nourishing.

For my taste, it is very liquid -y and thin. In Summer that is nice but in Winter I need something thicker and more nourishing. I would consider eventually repurchasing it because, really, there is nothing wrong with it, but I think I will be on the look out for something that also offers a bit more of a luxurious experience while still being affordable.

Balea Aqua Serum

This item has been repurchase of mine for at least 3 times. I also got it as a small gift to friends when I went home to visit because this is just a basic light moisturizing serum. No, it doesn’t do any wonders, but it provides a nice layer of hydration to the skin without being to thick to take too long to absorb. It is also very affordable (I believe it retails vor ca 2 to 3 EUR) and although there is nothing special about it, there is nothing truly negative about it I could say.

I feel if you skin is oily this might give you what you need, but if you are truly dry, this isn’t going to cut it for you on its own. I will keep repurchasing it every now an then but for now, I wan to to try some other products. A quick side not: I really like the fact that the bottle is plastic because for me it’s perfect to travel with comparing to glass: it’s lighter and there is no risk of shattering.

Garnier SkinActive “ClearSkin” Facewash

I have no idea what is the name of this in English, but this Face wash / gel from Garner is a staple for me. Probably it doesn’t contain the best ingriedients ever but so far, it is the only face cleansing product I have come across that I really feel takes off all of my make up, face and eye.

I usually double cleanse just in case, but I know at any given day if I am too tired I can skin the 2nd round and still have all my make up well removed. This product is actually geared to oily and acne prone skin, since it contains salicylic acid and sync. My skin is actually kind of combo to dry but I do get some pimples at times (I guess they are more hormonals an stress related than anything else) but I still do enjoy this product a lot. I once in a blue moon buy another face wash just to regret it because imo nothing compare to this product for me personally, so this is a constant repurchase every couple of months.

Garnier Treasures Honey Hair Conditioner sample

I am not a very picky person when it comes to hair care. I don’t really do much with my hair: I blow dry it and that is it. I don’t have a trustee shampoo or conditioner – and to be honest, I find most conditioners don’t really do much for my thin tired hair. I have used the shampoo and conditioner from this series and I don’t have any special feeling about neither of them. I got the sample for free so I used it up.

I can comb through my hair easier if I use this sort of product but since I very rarely comb my hair while its wet, this benefit isn’t enough to make me want to repurchase – whatever – conditioner, hair mask or co. There is tough one product I repurchased recently that I feel it might actually do a slight difference and I will be sharing it soon in a faves post!

Rival de Loop Eyeliner Pen in Black

I threw away this product immediately so I don’t have a foto of it, but this was the most common felt tip pen eyeliner. It was enough black, dried matte down, held up ok through the day but smudged a bit. It didn’t apply overly well over glittery eyeshadows or any sort of texture. I like having an eyeliner pen at hand but I do not wear it on a regular basis – I tend to go with pencil or eyeshadow as an eyeliner. But for the few times I want to play with it, this was an OK product. I am not sure I would repurchase because it always underwhelmed me – I guess that is also part of the reason why I wouldn’t reach for it more often. In the future I would like to try another eyeliner pen from the drugstore – do you have any recommendation?

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black and Blue

So this two I really have enjoyed although I am not the type of person to wear eyeliner daily like I just mentioned above (also, what a coincidence that both these products landed here at the same time given the fact that they weren’t on constant rotation!). I was watching Stephanie Rachael declutter video where she shared her concerns with shelf life of some products she was decluttering and after I went to do my make up. I opened the drawer where I keep eye products, saw these two babes, and it immediately hit me: I needed to let these go.

They don’t seem to have been gone bad or so, but I have them for 5 or 6 years at this point – that is just too long. I am not that literal with make up expiration dates as long as the product still looks and smells good – but even for me, 6 years is a lot. I won’t pick any of these right away, since I clearly don’t have the need, but if you are searching for a good drugstore gel liner, these are great. They are smooth and easy to apply, they last well, they set and don’t budge and still are easy to remove. You really can’t beat that.


Boring, but none the less used to its bone. This very normal 6 Step nail file has served me well and it is time to let it go. I will repurchase something similar to this because I find all the different sides come in handy for different purposes on many occasions.

And these were my last Empties of 2018! Also, this was the last post of 2018!

Let’s hope 2019 will be rocking the beauty boat with less drama and more interesting content, more passion and skill sharing rather than all it being about new releases. I am really excited to watch all the new wave of no buys and low buys happening on Instagram or YouTube. If you are participating and documenting it, let me know so I can keep up with your adventures!

XO, LG, Bjs,




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