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Declutter & Chopping block – Products I‘m decluttering and why

Hello, Hallo, Olá

If you are anything like me, you love to watch a good declutter video – and more than that, you like to from time to time go through your make up stash and remove everything that is not being used, doesn’t fancy your taste anymore, is expired or not working for you. I recently did this and although my collection isn’t huge – it certainly isn’t too small either – i did find some items i am going to declutter. Some of these items are clear to me that        they will go, while some others keep me on the fence for some reason. With this second group of products I am not sure about, I will be doing a One Week challenge / try out, where like the name says, I will be using this products for a week straight and then decide if they deserve a second chance and more love in my collection, or if in fact my first gut was right and they have to go.

These are the products that will for sure get decluttered:

All of these will go to friends or family if they are still good. If they are expired or in bad condition, I will throw them away. Some i may eventually sell – please check the Sale page if you are interested.

Essence Blotting Sheeds

I don’t retouch make up at any time (except maybe for lipstick) and so, i really don’t need these. I have had them for a little while and never reallly felt like using them. This set is completely new and will be passed along.

Essence individual eyelashes 

I don’t use eyelashes EVER. Probably i got these thinking I would change that – but i haven’t and it’s been a hot minute. So, they are going. Needless to say, they are absolutely new and untouched. I guess you could apply here the concept of the fantasy self that so many minimalists talk about – because that was definitely the person who bought that.

Essence nail polish in 106 Loyal Royal

This nail polish is a very good dupe to the Chanel one in „Péridot“. I remember when Chanel came out with that color, the hype around it was real. Soon after brands started coming out with their dupes and essence was one of the first. I bought it at the time (years ago) used it a couple of times and decluttered it.

Three or four months ago i for some reason got a new bottle (why?), used once and was quickly reminded why i had passed along previously: the color looks hideous on me. So, here goes to making the same mistake twice – but hopefully not three times!

Kiko Milano Lip pencil in  – black

So, there was truly a time in my life, where I would wear black and every other color of lipstick under the sun. I had blues, rocked purples, heck – i even wore greys and greens. But nowadays things have changed a bit. I will still occasionaly wear a deeper darker lipstick but I have absolutely no need for a black lipliner in my collection. I have a darker color that matches my darker lipids well and that is all I need. So, this try to go back in time in form of a black lip liner purchase went down the drain. This item will most likely be up for sale on the blog, check it out if you are interested!

Rival de Loop Cat Eye Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I used it a couple of times but it just isn’t a great product. It skips a lot, the edge isn’t all that helpful, the pigmentation isn’t quite there after the first swipe. It really doesn’t apply well over any sort of powder or eyeshadow. I wouldn’t recommend. This one is going right into the trash bin.

Catrice Define Powder Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy

This is a long time fave of mine. Back in the day, this was the blush i used the most and was my pick everytime i wanted something more neutral. Although i still like this one, i find it quite similar to my current favorite blush Rockateur by Benefit (only Rockateur leans a bit pinkier), and i know i will never reach for the Catrice blush over my current fave. Plus, it is for sure 5 to 6 years old, it is time to retire it.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 030n It Girl

This is a pretty peachy – orangey blush and there is nothing wrong with it – i just don’t reach for it. If i want something peachy, Íll use my Manhattan one. If I want something more orange, i have a great one by Art Deco. So, this is one can go without any hard feelings.

Manhattan Powder Rouge in Secret Lovers

This was an impulse purchase i immediately regretted. This blush shade is a dupe to the infamous NARS Orgasm, which i really dislike. I have had several shades like this in the past and i have decluttered them all, so I am not sure why in the heck i would have picked this up – but in did. *Facepalm* I used it twice and i still don’t like the shimmers. It´ll get passed on to a friend.

Items on the chopping block

There are the items I am not quite sure yet I’ll declutter, so I will be using them for a week before deciding if I will keep them or give them away.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

This is for sure one of my least used palettes. I find some of the glittery shades have huge fall out and i really miss some more mattes for the crease. I got this a couple of years after it released because i had the original Naked and liked it a lot – plus the Naked 2 was also very hyped and looked good. With time, I just came to realize my preferences better – and cool tones aren’t always my first choice. I am intrigued to use this again and see how i like it. The good thing is I now own a glitter glue, so maybe I’ll be able to enjoy the palette better now.

Isana Face Primer

I have used one of these up in the past and remember quite liking it. Then i bought another tube (don’t know if I lost it or if it went bad) that i don’t have any special recollection about, and again i bought the 3rd tube at the beginning of the year. Here’s what happed: i spent this whole years using jus BB or CC Creams, which eliminated the need for primer. However, lately I have been using foundation a bit more often and I am quite curious to see it the primer is in deed as good as i have in mind or if it’s just an extra step I won’t have time for. I should be able to tell by the end of the week.

Kiko Eyebrow Set in the Shade

This is a great little Set. It has two powders, a wax, a nice little mirror and a few tools. I have never used it before, mainly coz I am afraid the powders will be to light on me – and I know I won’t be fussing with the wax. So, while I’m tempted to see if it works, part of me just wants to get rid of it while it’s new and either sell it or give it o a friend. So this week will be decisive to see what happens here.

Essence Lipstick in the shade #11

I bought this lipstick not too long ago and was very excited to have a pink berry color like that in my collection again. However, as i tried it at home, i just didn’t like it on me. I feel it just doesn’t look good on me. I tried it a couple of times with full on pigment and blotted. None of these versions really convinced me. But because it is such a recent purchase, I am kind of hesitant to let it go already. So, I will try to work with it this week and then decide what to do.

Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter

This isn’t a product I have used much but it is a bit older. I remember trying to use it before and finding it hard to blend ou but to be fair, back then i wasn’t so into liquid products and didn’t have much experience with them. I’m genuinely excited to re try this product!

I´ll let you know the results in an updated post!

How and with which frequency do you declutter you collection? Which are your criteria?


XO, LG, Bjs,




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