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Duping the ABH Soft Glam with MAC eyeshadows – Shop my Stash

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

From the title you already know what is the theme of today´s post. I went through my Stash, specifically my MAC eyeshadows and tried to dupe the shades in the Anastasia Beverly Hill Soft Glam palette. More than having exact dupes to the shades, my point was to recreate the vibe of the palette. There are really some beautiful unique shades in the ABH palette I couldn’t dupe, but for the most part – and for my purpose – i managed to find quite a good shade match for almost every color.

Here is the original Soft Glam, with swatches of the shades (foto through: @beaudiction)

I think it is a beautiful palette, but nothing really new or exciting. But after I saw the swatches, I got more interested in it and was toying with the idea of buying it. However, I also felt that aside 3 or 4 shades, i probably already had all the other shades in my collection already – after all, it is a very neutral palette. Glistening and Fairy are probably my fave shades out of this palette and sadly i don’t really have  a good dupe for them, but if I hadn’t limited my research to my MAC stash, i might have found more similar shades. In any case, these were the shades I came up with to dupe Soft Glam with my MAC eyeshadows.

On the first row, left to right: Nylon, Naked Lunch, Expensive Pink, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued, Sumptuous Olive; on the Second row, left to right: Blackberry, Honesty, Texture, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, Embark.

As you see, these shades are not exact matches – sometimes the finish is different, sometimes the color leans a bit towards a gold greens tone in steady of more coppery or pinky. I did the best I could with the shades I have available and I think the general feeling of the palette is very well encapsulated with this selection, if i may say so myself.

Here are some swatches of these MAC Eyeshadows:

First row, left to right

Nylon, Naked Lunch, Expensive Pink, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued, Sumptuous Olive

Second row from left to right:

Blackberry, Honesty, Texture, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, Embark

All Swatches by and  All I did was take a huge amount of screenshots and arrange them all with the Layout App.

I am by no means saying getting all the MAC shades would be a better deal than buying the palette. Here in Germany, it would be crazy, considering a MAC eyeshadow refill retails for 15€ and the Soft Glam retails for ca. 55€. But if you are only intrigued by a few colors, it might be worth to search for dupes (not necessarily from MAC), or to just shop your stash like i did.

In all honesty i was thinking of picking up the MUR dupe Palette to Soft Glam because it is so affordable (ca 5€) but now that i am glad i haven’t done that, because that is money i can put towards something else more interesting and unique.

Anyways, this was what i wanted to share with you today. It kind of turned it a slight anti haul at the end, but i did talked myself out of buying both the original Soft Glam as well as the dupe. So good on me!

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XO, LG, Bjs,




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