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I recently watched Mariam from Long.live.makeup and Bia from Bia.and.the.makeup collab videos for their 5 favorit european make up brands. Something very refreshing and for me especially interesting since I also live in Europe.

Often i have the feeling we european beauty lovers are more informed about American brands as the brands at our doorstep.

While watching their videos (watch Mariam’s video here, and Bia’s video here) i actually discovered a few brands i didn´t know at all. So, I wanted to join in and share not just my faves but also which ones are captivating my interest. Let´s start!


For me, there is no way not to menciona the german brand Zoeva. They are mainly known for their brushes but since a few years they have been killing the eyeshadow palette game. They are affordable, the quality is there and the packaging is always beautiful and sleek. If you are looking to try some eyeshadow from them, i recommend the Cocoa Blend. I believe it´s one of their best-sellers and for good reason.


This is a newer brand on my radar and i don´t own very many things from them, but so far I am really happy with everything. The prices are obviously very attractive just as many as their products, that often dupe higher end color stories. In my experience, their matte eyeshadows are great, but the glittery ones not so much. Or maybe I just didn’t get the hang of them yet. 


Another german brand, somewhere between drugstore and a MAC price point. I very rarely hear people talk about them ( probably because i don’t watch many german youtubers) but i truly think they should be mor talked about. The best about them: they have a similar system to MAC and Buxom where you can pick your eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and contour products as individual pans and create your own unique palette of choice.


Essence is a great drugstore make up brand. Surely, the branding feels more geared towards teenagers and young girls, but the products are mostly very good, especially within their price range. The eyeshadow / palettes can be hit or miss, but in my opinion, pretty much else is going to be a nice product. I quite enjoy their Lipliner, eye pencils and blushes – you can´t beat the price and the quality is just on par with more expensive brands.


Rival de Loop is similar to Essence in the sense that it is a in house drugstore brand. Pricewise RdL is slightly cheaper and the qualitity overall is more of a hit and miss. I have been enjoying some of their products through the years and although they aren’t necessarily my ultimate faves, they do a fair job. My biggest question about this brand is: who the heck came up with this weird name??


I am not even going to ramble that much. Inglot, a famous polish brand, is of course on the list. I hear the quality is amazing on their eyeshadows and the price point it very inviting. Another brand that intrigues, that happens to be German as well, is are Lethal Cosmetics. They have beautiful and unusual eyeshadow shades which you can buy in single or bundle. Their liquid lipsticks also look great. Priceline, i feel they are well priced – last time i checked i saw some eyeshadows for ca 6 euros and the lipstick for ca 15 eur. Lethal Cosmetics has to be the only place in the world where I like to see spiders. Linda Hallberg needs no introduction to the beauty community but her brand LH Cosmetics  has been spoken of as much as i thought it would. The Crayons and the Infinity Palette are on my wishlish since quite a while. Let´s see when i pull the trigger. At last, a newer organic vegan brand called Miild aus Denmark is the last brand I am going to mention. I got to know them through Signe from Use Less, and although I personally don’t suffer from any allergies or have sensitive skin, i appreciate their proposal for a skin and envoirnmental make up line.

And that is it from me today. Are you familiar with some European make up brands? Which would you like to try next?

xo, LG, bjs,


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