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I won a giveaway! Miild MakeUp x UseLess

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

I am so excited to be writing this post, you wouldn’t believe it! A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through Instagram (it’s @sitting.at.the.vanity, if you would like to visit me there), i noticed that Signe from Use Less – one of my favorite YouTube and Instagrammer to watch / follow (check out her channel here , Blog here and her instagram here) was hosting a giveaway with the all natural make up brand Miild Make Up and the Klarify.me online shop as a way to celebrate the entry of Miild make up on the German market.

If you have read my very first post on the blog, you know Miild is one of the brands I was / am very interested in trying on. So when I saw that there was a giveaway, i joined in in a blink of an eye. I actually never take part on any giveaways because i don’t want to bother my friends that aren’t all that into make up by tagging them, but this was just too good to pass – plus, the very good friend I tagged also has sensitive skin and I thought that was a good way to get her attention to the brand too.

After a few days, I got a message from Signe letting me know i won. I had kind of forgotten about the giveaway so it made it a lot more of an exciting news. Signe is such a lovely girl was so sweet and fast to send all my info forward, so that in just a couple of days after i got my treat package.

Inside of it were four products: The concealer brush, the Kabuki brush for the mineral powder, the mineral powder foundation and the concealer duo. It is a great prize if you ask me, and all these are products i see myself reaching for and using happily, as they seem quite fitting with my needs and make up routine. I did have some issues with the powder and concealer i first received (they were from a bad batch) but Signe and Miild / Klarify.me were kind enough to send me replacement of those quite fast. So, i can feel pretty sure that their costumer service (even if it isn’t run though Signe) will be quite fast and hearing if they receive any suggestions or complaints.

The brushes are really lovely. They feel good on the hand and feel just heavy enough to give you the sense of a good quality brush. The bristles are absolutely soft, and all I want to do is swirl them around my face just for fun, because they just feel so gentle. I haven’t tried any of the products yet but I will be reviewing them as soon as I have tested them enough. For now, these brushes feel absolutely great – and they look very pretty as well, especially the Kabuki brush.

These are the other two products i received, matching the brushes. There is the Natural Mineral Concealer Duo, of which i got the lighter shade Light Ample, and the Natural Mineral Powder in the shade Light Plus Windy – which is one of the lightest shades but with a golden undertone. I like the fact that the concealer will act as a corrector as well, because i don’t really have time to have a separe step to conceal and correct. Since both products are in the same packaging, it is very time saving because you can use which one you need more or the day, you can mix both or just layer them if you have more than 5 minutes to get ready. Can’t wait to try these new babies!

My Miild lust is definitely a bit more satisfied for the moment, but the highlighter and the bronzer are still on my beauty wishlist and i will pick them at some point. For now, I am going to enjoy this products – and the feeling to have actually ever have won anything at all!

Do you guys take part in giveaways? Did you ever win somthing? Share your experience!

XO, LG, Bjs,


DISCLAIMER: this post isn’t sponsored in any form or mean and all opinions are my own based on my experience. Look up reviews before ordering a product to make further sure it might suit you. All products kindly giftet though the giveaway with Signe x Miild x klarify.me


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