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New In: Isabel Marant x L´Óreal

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

So, this post comes with a bit of delay, but i just didn’t come around to make somewhat decent fotos from the newest beauty in my collection.

Remember my Beauty Wishlist post, where i was patting myself on the shoulder for being so realistic about lip products I´d love to buy? Yeah… I still haven’t bought any of those, but i could not resist to pick up the breathtaking lipstick from the Isabel Marant x L´Óreal Collection in the shade Pigalle Western. It is a beautiful bright red with a touch of orange, right up my alley.

I swatched in store on my hand and immediately my brain shut down for a few seconds – just enough time to put it on my shopping cart. Then i came to my senses for a bit a weighted pros and cons. The pros are obvious: beautiful color, the message on the packaging is cute (still kind of bummed i didn’t buy any lippie from the Balmain collection because the lipstick cases were truly beautiful) and it is a special item because it is limited edition.

There were also a few cons i could spot at that moment. For one: the price – i think Lóreal is on the pricier side of drugstore and if I am buying a drugstore lipstick, i don’t usually pay more than 5 or 6 eur per lippie. I paid around 11 or 12 eur for this item and altought it still is like half the price of a MAC regular line lipstick, I still find it kind of expensive. The other con is the fragrance. L’Óreal lipstick have a very strange and rather strong fragrance that i don’t really apprecite. A few years ago i remember decluttering and passing along some lipsticks from the brand exactly because of the scent. Pigalle Western has this scent but somehow it didn’t seem to be so penetrating as i recall. Maybe I am right, or maybe i was just too excited and convinced myself it doesn’t smell as bad.

Look at that cute message / wordplay on the lipstick case! I agree – the best thing to wear is your smile. The packaging itself is matte, i believe in the same type of vibe like the NARS products. I wish it was a bit more luxurious feeling, but oh well, it wouldn’t make the actual product any better or worse.

This is how it looks line on me. I have two different pictures in different lighting so that you can see how it changes color or can be percieved inside or by natural day light. It is a beautiful color and it pull on me a bit more pinky than I thought, but I love it nonetheless. Honestly, it’s even better than what I thought. Love it.

How the lipstick applies and wears?

I find this texture quite interesting, it has a great slip to it, almost as if it had some silicone in the formula. It feels good on the lips, feels like a thin layer – ever if you apply it generously. It isn´t creamy per se, but it isn’t drying. I think with one swipe you get enough pigmentation and full on color but I usually do two swipes out of habit.  I appreciate it has a nice sharp tip so I can line my lips with the bullet for more precision. Oh, and the smell I mentioned earlier it not as penetrant as I thought it would be and it flies away quite fast. Also, it doesn’t translate to taste, if you know what I mean.

I have used it a handful of times and by now I can also have a better idea of how it holds on through the day. I usually wear it with full pigment, but if at sometime I blot it, I can do so 2 to 3 times and still have a strong enough opaque layer on my lips, just a bit more muted. It can withstand a meal (obviously as long as it isn’t totally greasy) and as it fades, it does so gradually and evenly, leaving behind a nice stain. All in all, I would really recommend this lipstick if you can get your hands on it.

And that concludes my review of this beautiful lipstick.

XO, LG, Bjs,



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