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New in: Too Faced Chocolate Gold

Hello, Hallo, Olá!

Look who did some shopping!

While everyone is proudly showing off the Gingerbread palette by Too Faced, I’m here happy like a kid at Christmas (fun fact, I personally don’t even celebrate Christmas) with the oldie (but) Chocolate Gold(ie) I purchased kind of on a whim a week ago.

And i say „kind of“ because i didn’t think i would actually buy it now, but the discount code was right there and I had been eyeing and considering this palette since it came out a while back. So this was not a true impulse buy, it was just…unplanned!


This is my first Too Faced palette and product ever – the SHOK!! For a long time, i really wanted the Sweet Peach but something always held me back. Then i eventually got the Make up Revolution X Shop first collab palette which has many many similar shades and Sweet Peach just stoped haunting me. When the Chocolate Gold came out, it immediately caught my attention. The swatches looked really promising. One day, i went to a Sephora Store and swatched the pink shade and my oh may…what a disappointment. It swatched awful. So awful i didn’t mind trying any other colors. Still, i couldn’t get it out of my head and debated many times over it. Last mont or so, i was searching for a nice impactful lid shade and realized i really had none in my collection. I have a lot of satins ans shimmers but nothing really with the punch Gold promised – and all the YT Tutorial shown. That was the moment i made my mind about picking it up.

The packaging is cute, but very reflective and very prone to fingerprints as well. I opened it and my first thought was…underwhelming. I suddenly felt a bit guilty to get it, i thought the colors weren’t really all that special and overall it felt pretty meh…not worth the money, even with the 20% off. I immediately considered returning it, but gave myself a day to sleep over it. The only shade that truly took my breath from the moment I saw it was Rich Girl. It´s an amazing very unique color beacause it’s not quite silver, no quite taupe but it seems to have a sort of golden underton to it.

This are the swatches. The foto belongs to Claire from clairetalksbeauty.com – check her original post HERE

I found another foto where you can really see the beauty of Rich Girl. The foto is by  Miranda from Miranda loves.com and you can see all her thoughts and swatches on HERE.

I went through and looked at all the shades I had in singles and palettes, looking for dupes comparing to these swatches and I was surprised to find that I really didn’t have any repeated shades – aside of the mattes. That put things in perspective for me: this was actually a good addiction to my stash. And so it stayed.

I really haven’t had the time to play with it, but I am really looking forward to it.

What was the last thing you hauled recently and really liked it?

XO, LG, Bjs,


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