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November Empties 2018 Beauty

Hello, Hallo, Olá

It is time for November empties! This month I don’t have a bunch of products but I still want to share them with you and give you some reviews on the items i did finish.

Essence Make me Brow Powder Pen

Now, this was a product that intrigued me back when i bought it. The idea is that the foamy applicator will be „soaked“ in brow powder which is allocated at the cap, an then you apply it to your brows. At that point, many companies came out with this gimmicky product and i just got the cheapest one i could find to try it.

The color was a good match, but i find it did little to nothing to fill the eyebrows. I ended up using it more like a lower lashline smudger product than anything else. Also, the tip became very flimsy very fast, and it was a strange sensation dragging this rubburuzed foam applicator through my browhairs – i really didn’t enjoy it. I won’t miss this thing one bit.

Garnier Miracle Skin BB Cream

I LOVE this product and i am so sad to see it go! I bought this last year on a whim and didn’t expect much of it. I started using it and i loved it soo much! This is a great BB Cream. I love the light coverage, i love how easy it is to spread (i use my fingers – what a time saver in the morning!) and the color is a good match for me, especially in the Summer.

The only thing i didn’t love right away was the dewy finish it gives to the skin, but over time i really came to love it. In Summer i ususally set it with the Catrice Translucent Matte Face Powder and it worked well to keep the shine down for a bit longer, although obviously the shine would come through after a few hours. In the cooler months it offers just enough dewyness to the skin, so that it doesn’t look as dull. I am dwelling on repurchasing it just because my other two face products are in comparison rather matte  (both have a semi matte finish) and i feel i need bait more glow. I think I’ll try mixing them with a luminous primer to see if it I like the result but if not, this Garnier will for sure return to my collection. Cannot recommend enough!

Balea Hairspray and Dry Shampoo 2 in 1

Ok, so maybe this product still has one or two uses left, but i honestly can’t be bothered by it anymore. I don’t really like it, the concept seem cool but it’s kind of a fail and i will for sure not repurchase. The thing is, it does give you the hold of an hairspray, but it also gives you a hell of a white cast. So it is kind of weird to use, because one function always stays in the way of the

Garnier Treasure

Two hair products in a month is something that very rarely happens to me, because I am just not that into hair care. This product is like a conditioner – like a thick cream, and i also used it like a conditioner / hairmask depending on the time i had to shower. I am not big in using all sorts of conditioners, masks and oils (especially now that i don’t color my hair) – i find they weigh down on my hair and it don’t see much of a result. So lately I have been just washing my hair with shampoo and then going through my stash of unused product. You can see by the marking this was in some sort of project pan early this year but i just came around to finishing it now. For me it´s just an extra step without results. So although i have nothing bad to say about this product, i also don’t have anything good to report. I’m glad it´s done. The one hair care product i have left and am currently using is actually a repurchase- it´s the Lóreal Hair Oil, which i really like. So I’ll stick with that one and eventually when i run out turn to natural oils to nurture my hair.

Yves Rocher 3min Cranberry Mask

This was the 3rd tube i used of this mask (this was a travel size) and i have to say I won’t be repurchasing it anytime soon. There is nothing wrong with it – i really like that I can put it on, brush my teeth and wash it out right after, instead of having a mask for 15min on my face. I don’t feel like it has a huge impact on my skin, but it does feel good and the skin seems to be refreshed after it (which is the point of it), but for me it was more about giving myself a bit of a treat and extra care than about the mask itself.

The fact is I just want to try something new, I will probably be doing some DIY home masks from now on. So although there is about one more use left in the tube – if I cut it open – I am just calling it done. My journey with this product has come to an end.

HighBeam Highlighter Benefit mini size

This is not an empty per se, but when I went to try it out, it was already dried out. So unfortunately this item just flew to my empties bin without much of my choice.

Becca First Light Priming Filter

This sample lasted me 3 uses and it gave me quite an idea about the product. This is the lavender version of Becca’s Primer and it is supposed to help dull skin to look more luminous. It does give a slight glow and i like the fact it has absolutely no glitters or shimmer particles on it. On me it left a hint of a lavender cast. That is not a problem because it is very light and with whatever product you put on top it will disappear. In my experience this product did not do anything exceptional that would convince me to pruchase this product – especially to this price point. I am very glad I tried it and realised it is not for me.

XO, LG, Bjs,


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