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November Favorites 2018 Beauty

Hello, Hallo, Olá

November favorites in the middle of December can only mean that a) I am late and b) I have been using these products in December as well and decided to include them here. Some of these items I have mentioned and reviewed already on the blog, so I will be linking those posts for further information if you would like to know more about them. Shall we start?

Miild Mineral Powder

As a foundation or as a setting powder, I haven’t put this product down since I started using and testing it. I defently like it. My one issue with it is this: one week after being using it consistently the texture on top of the powder got very bumpy. I have no idea why that is – i was using a clean brush with it, so I don’t think it had to do with that. I am not sure if the formula is just so delicate that it reacted to something or if there is something actually wrong with the powder from within / as it was being made.

I took of the bumpy layer of the powder and it seems to be holding up pretty well. But if it happens again, I know I will be very uneasy using it and probably will retire it to make up purgatory. I don’t think i could ever throw it away due to its sentimental value, but I would most certainly not be keeping it with my stash.

The foto above was taken right after receiving the powder and before ever using it, so there is really no indicative that something might happen to the product within just a week of regular use.

Miild Kabuki Brush

This is the recommended brush to apply the powder above and I decided to use it for that exactly. I like the brush as such. It is dense but soft and I feel it buffs the product very wel. The bristles pick product very easily with just a swipe and I feel the two products do work well together.

I haven’t used a Kabuki brush in years, so this was a nice throwback. And although that is not the most important thing to notice about the product, i find it very pretty with its metal mirrored handle.

L`Óreal Pigalle Western and Rival de Loop Lipliner in # Cherry

Beautiful red shade! This lipstick was as far as I know a limited edition collaboration between L`Óreal and Designer Isabel Marant. I pair the lipstick with my beloved Rival de Loop Lipliner because I cant wear any lipstick without lipliner – even nude ones. These colors are not 100% identical but they match pretty well and make for a beautiful combo.

I have a full review on this lipstick on the blog aöready, you can find it HERE if you are interested. In summary: i really like this lipstick, both color, formula and how it wears.

MAC Matte Powder Blush in Melba

This blush has been sitting in my collection for years unused. I used it i think back when I bought it 3 or 4 times and I just wasn’t into it. I think i bought it because in the shop lighting the color seemed a bit different from what it actually is. So this November, i decided to give it ago and see if I like it and if not, just pass it along. And surprise, surprise! I really like it now.

I haven’t out it down ever since trying it, been using it at least 3 to 4 times a week. I am in love. So that was an happy ending for me. The color leans more peachy but very natural and neutral and it absolutely goes with whatever look you have got going on. I am so happy to have re discovered it!

Benefit Iluminating Primer That Gal

Another product I’ve had for ages and just decided to start using now. I like it a lot. It gives a nice subdued glow to the skin, sinks good in, has a bit of a blurring quality and allows the following products to glide well on top of it. The best part about it is that there aren’t any glitter or shimmer particles in it. The glow is more a luminosity than a sparkle. I would like to find and equivalent from the drugstore but maybe more of a yellow / golden undertone instead of pink, do you guys have any recommendation?

And these were the items in my collection i especially enjoyed during November and partly December. What were your faves?

XO, LG, Bjs


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