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October Empties 2018 Beauty

Hello, Hallo, Olá

What kind of posts come arround at the end of each month? Righ! Favorites and Empties. I already shared with you my favorite products this month of October. Now it’s time to show you my beauty empties. This month I mainly used up some skin care and make up items, but I´ll include body and skincare whenever i finish these types of products.

Just to establish some „rules“ for a lack of a better word, there are things i don’t ever include in my empties or my make up rehab totals. These are soaps, body wash, shampoo, cotton pads and this sorts of things that are a given. I’ll l include conditioner, make up remover and such, because to me they are more unnecessary – and therefore i count them extra.

Body Scrub Balea

This was a very normal bodyscrub, i have nothing bad to say about it. On the other hand, it also didn’t stand out as an amazing product. This scent was a summer edition, I don’t think it is still available.

In any case, I’m am since quite a few time using DIY Bodyscrubs and I am very happy with the results, so I won’t be repurchasing any schrub any time soon. But if you are searching for an affordable body peeling, the Balea ones will do the job.

Isana Vital Night Cream Moisturizer

(Sorry, I forgot to take a photo about this empty jar before I threw it away.)

Isana is an in house drugstore brand in Germany. This specific Vital series is aimed at mature skin, 40+ years old. Although that’s not my age range, I still was intrigued by its claims. In the end, I wanted the benefits they offer in that particular product more than the ones offered in my own age range. The moisturizer had a pleasant fragrance, smelled somewhat similar to nuts. It was a light texture but nurturing, spread easy on the skin and sank very well in. I mixed it with an oil just to make it more pampering and I really enjoyed that routine. I can tell you, after I’m finished with my current moisturizer, i will definitely repurchase this item. I kind of miss it already!


Trend it Up Brow Filler Gel

This again is a product that without wowing me, it was pretty good at its job. Most days I just use a tinted brow gel through my brows, so this is a staple on my everyday make up. With the trend it up brow filler, the color was right, the brush was small (much like the essence give me brow) and it held well through the day.

Yet, sometimes it would clump a bit up which when you have 5 min to do your whole make up, really ruins the moment. I won’t say I will never repurchase it, but for the time being, I´m back to the Essence version.

Catrice Glam Doll Waterproof Mascara

This is the waterproof version of my favorite mascara ever. This Summer was really hot and mascara always smudges on me, so I thought I’d switch to waterproof to avoid that. It did and I was pretty happy with it, since it also gives a very similar effect to the non waterproof version.

But oh Lord, the struggle to take it off in the end of the day was real. That is the main cause I’m back to using the normal one, but I will for sure repurchased the waterproof mascara next Summer.

As you can see, the brush is slightly curved, with small bristles and it is synthetic, which is my preference.

Clean & Care Eye Make Up Remover

This is my trustee make up remover. I have tried several ones, including some higher end ones but still nothing compares to this. It is really good value for money – I often buy it for 0,99 Eur on sale. It removes make up really well without leaving much of a filter afterwards (but I always wash my face after anyways).

I just started using my last back up of this remover, but I plan on not purchasing it again, because I want to substitute with a more natural option, like olive oil or another nourishing oil. That way, not only it is even more economic, I’m hoping it to be better fo my skin and for the environment. For traveling purposes however, I might get it, just because it might be easier to travel with. I’m not saying I will never ever repurchase, I just want to try better

Sample Becca Backlight Priming Filter

This was a nice size sample. I used it at least 4 times and had a chance to test it on its own, under foundation, mixed in with foundation and as an highlighter on top of foundation.

It is a very sheeny lilac fluid and this was my first time trying it. All in all I didn’t dislike it in whichever way i used it, but I didn’t see such a difference on my make up that i would go out and buy it myself – especially for the full price.

And this concludes my October Empties! Not so many, but good ones. Did you finish many products this month or not really?

Xo, LG, Bjs,



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