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October Favorites 2018

Hello, Hallo, Olá!

Halloween ist just around the corner!! Do you guys go out trick or treat?

October is saying goodbye and all I see on Instagram and YouTube is people sharing their most cherished products for the month, wether it’s make up, skin care or lifestyle related. So I thought I‘d  share my faves too as a good old fashioned blogger!

Let’s get to it!

These are this months favorites: Si Eau de Parfum by Geogio Armani, Manhattan Contour Stick Duo in Medium (specifically the contour side), Yves Rocher Karité Lip Balm, Catrice Glam and Doll Blackest Fake Lashes and the NXY Dose of Dew Highlighter Stick.

Sí by Giorgio Armani

The SÍ Eau de Parfum is the scent i have been using since months non stop, and it´s much more of an all year round favorit as just monthly. The Top Notes are Sicilian Bergamot,  Mandarin, Blackcurrant liqueur, the Heart Notes consist Rose of Mai, Neroli, Egypcian Jasmin and Freesia. The Base of Notes are Patchouli, Woods, Amber, Orcanox and Vanilla (source: hier). At this point, I don’t have much of it left and I will be keeping using it until it´s gone. I will be putting this on my Project Pan for 2019 for sure if I haven’t finished it up by then.

Manhattan Duo Contour Stick in Medium

This is a recent addiction to my stash and i have been using it consistently this October. I didn’t think I would like it so much, but i truly like it.

To be honest, think the color is slightly on the orange side an it would never make for a good contour, as it is advertised – but it does make for a great bronzer, which is how i use it. Because it blends so well, the „orange-ness“ doesn’t show up as much, it just leaves a nice bronze on my skin tone. It lasts well on the skin, blends really well and you can build it to your desired intensity.

This foto shows you swatches of the bronzer side just apllied (top) and well blended (bottom).

About the highlighter side, I can’t really comment, because i just used it once. The color is a light gold champagne color – it does look very beautiful.

Yves Rocher Karité Lip Balm

I have tried many lip balms through the years and this one has to be one of the best. The brand has some other lip balms which i also have tried before, but the best one is the Karité one.

It moistures without leaving a film on your lips. You don’t need to apply it each 5 minutes because it does it’s job. It smells and tastes neutral. You are on the look out for a new lip balm, give it a try.

Catrice Glam and Doll False Lashes Mascara

This mascara is a repurchase over many years now. I eventually stray away from it just to try something new but nothing really compares to it. The price point ist good, it´s easy to find and it just makes my lashes look good. It gives them a bit volume, length and curves them very nicely (i don’t use a lash curler). To that, i can keep it looking natural or really go all out and pretty much get a false lash impression with it. This is probably one of my HG products ever!

The bristles are synthetic – which i prefer, and the wand is bent at the end, to make it easier to get every lash. I also like the waterproof version (i used it all over the summer), but this is still a bit better & easier to remove. Anywho, if you want to branch out and pick a new mascara, go with Catrice Glam Doll!

NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss

I just realized this product is marketed as a face gloss. It makes sense because it gives that wet effect to the skin, depending on how you apply it. I bought on an impulse after i swatched it on my hand because it seemed to give more of a natural shine to the skin and it does.

You can pile it up and have it show really stark or you can blend it so much it pretty much disappears. It is very buildable and easy to work with. It blends well wether you use fingers, a brush or a sponge. The color is a cooler pinky pearly tone, that will flatter mostly pale girls in my opinion. The picture above shows you the color applied directly out of the sick to the skin (up) and blended out (under). You you have some fine lines like i have, in my experience it doesn’t enfacize these, it meshes very well with the skin leaving just an „inner glow“.

Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge

I use the regular RT complexion sponge and really like it – I would recommend it over the Beauty Blender everyday of the week. But this mini eraser sponges – well I never thought much of them. In my mind, they were kind of a superfluous object, just a marketing gimmick. I mean, won’t a normal sponge reach well under your eyes? For me the normal face sponge has has always worked well.

I got this mini sponge in a kit las year and since I had it laying there, i decided to give a try this month. And I had to bite my tongue. Although a normal sponge works well, this little baby does make it easier to apply concealer or powder under the eye, especially to reach for the are near between tear duct and nose bridge.I have been unsing it and enjoying it more than I could anticipate and therefore, it deserves an extra mention as a favorite.


These were my favorite products to use for this month of October. Which were yours?

XO, LG, Bjs,







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