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One Week of Blue Eyeshadow

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

this post was loong in the making just for the fact that I didn’t really have time to put it together. Also, after I saw the photos i had taken, i was disappointed that the colors weren’t showing that well through – thank your dull grey German weather. I did try to recreate some looks but I didn’t have the time or the conditions to take reasonable fotos, so I am just going to play along with what I have. Just a word of caution: I did edit some fotos in regards to lightning and contrast in hopes I could get the blue colors to show better up.

Look number 1 – Blue Lower Lashline

This look was actually supposed to be just a blue lower lash line but then I decided to pop a red pink on the lid and in all honesty, that was a mistake. I think I would have much prefers just the blue and the bare lid. Oh well, there are worst decisions in life, right!

For this look I used the blue from the NYX Ultimate Brights palette (the first shadow in the third row) and a reddish Art Deco Blush on the eyelid. While the blue color is very pretty, i feel it does lack in pigmentation. I needed to layer it quite a few times to get it to show up as blue as in the pan. That was a lesson learned for sure. So I definitely recommend using a same color base like an eyepencil or so to intensify the color and help it to apply better (also helps to cover patchier bits!). I think I will be redoing this look with a bare lid on a near future and see if I like it better so.

Look number 2 – Blue eyeliner all around the eyes

For this look I dipped in to my Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette. This palette is beautiful but for some reason I use it way too seldom. So a really wanted to use it this week since it had the shade of blue I was going after for this eyeshadow liner look. I used the blue right under / beside the red shade (depending how you are holding the palette). It is more of a navy blue and it is matte, so it lends itself quite well to this sort of smudge round the upper and lower lash line. I know it’s not that noticeable but this came out really nice and I did compliments on it in real life – if that is not a success, I don’t know what is!

This is just so easy and it can be done with a million of colors. Also, it is very subtle if you don’t blend it very low on the lower lash line, so for more conservative workplaces or just if you prefer to wear your make up a bit more classical – this might be worth to give a go. A dark green, grey and a purple will for sure also look beautiful and give the eyes some interest while running away from the typical black or brown.

Look number 3 – Blue Halo

Lets talk fun, shall we? So this day I clearly had a bit of time in my hands (and even the wheaten played along, check out the difference in the photos!) to create something. For this look I remember I used the blue shade in the Zoeva Offline palette as the main Halo shade, but I really don’t remember what other shades I used. This look was so fun because I really don’t ever (have the time to) play with make up, but this time I did and had a blast!

This was one of my fave looks of the week. I felt like a little glam up super star every time I caught a glance at a mirror – do you guys also feel like that when you think your make up looks extra good for some reason or I am just weird like that on my own?

Look number 4 – Bold Blue

One week of blue eyeshadow and no totally popping blue look? Of course not. Like so often, the best comes in the end, and this was no exception. For this in your face blue look I went back to the NYX palette, this time with the other blue (third row, second shade) – and because I am a fast learner, this time I used a blue eyepencil as a base shade. The shades were somewhat similar, and that made the blue pop all that much.

I think I just used a light vanilla-y type of shade to blend the blue out on the edges but I didn’t use and other sort of color as far as I can remember. So that my lashes wouldn’t get lost in all that background, I felt I could use a little help so I drew I fine eyeliner. This way, I feel there was actually a way of telling I had a lash line and therefor, lashes. The liner was promptly thrown away as it was kind of dried and very see through (and old). But it at least somewhat worked for this look. In case you are wondering, the lipstick is Lóreal´s X Isabel Marant Pigalle Western.

And as you may see, there isn’t a full week of looks, so I thought I would go to my Instagram Saved Folder and pick just a few of my blue faves for you.

Foto Credits:

Elle S – @shadowsmoked
Mariam – @long_live_makeup
Isabelle de Vries:

Go follow these lovely ladies if wou are in search of refreshing pieces of make up artistry. I find they always come up with interesting looks, weather its unusual colors, new color mixes or placements or just generally the whole vibe of their looks. Take it from me – you wont regret pressing follow.

Have I – or maybe my selection of looks – maybe tickled you to pick up some blue eyeshadow sometime soon? If so, please let me know in a comment, I´d be really happy! And which look was your fave?

XO, LG, Bjs,


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