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One Week of Cocoa Blend by Zoeva

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

Welcome to another “One Week of” Challenge! This time, it is wrapped under the motto of “one week, one palette”, featuring the one and only Cocoa Blen day Zoeva. This is for sure one of my favorite palettes in my collection and probably the most used one too. So it made sense to me to pull it out of the drawer to use it again, since it has been kind of forgotten amidst all its newest peers.

So lets start with the make up looks I cam up with during this week. To make thing easier for me, i set a make up basket for this week so that all I had to think about at 7am was the eyeshadows i wanted to use for the day, instead of an all make up look.

These were my products for the week: Art Deco Blush in , P2 Bronzer, Catrice Translucent Powder, Garnier BB Cream, Trend it Up brow gel, Catrice Glam Doll waterproof Mascara, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Concealer, NYX Dose of Dew Highlighter Stick, and for lips i included two option: MAC Viva Glam SIA (red) and the Catrie Lip Glow Lipbalm, a very natural pinky lip color on me.

For better reference, if you are not familiar with this palette, I think this picture can be quite helpful in showing you the shades I keep talking about during this post. Foto credit:

Look number 1

For the first day, i thought of taking it easy and use a couple of shades I don’t usually gravitate towards. I used Bitter Sweet (the beige shade) all over the eyelid to set and give the lid a very light wash of color – more so to hide any discoloration – and then I just traced Infusion on my upper lashline as if it was an eyeliner and slightly blended it out on the edge.

This is one of my favorites of the week – i just felt so put together and pretty without being over the top. I will for sure be using this combination more often! Side note: here you can really see how the Catrice Lipglow Lipbalm looks on me.

Look number 2

We  are still keeping it simple today, because most days i just don’t have the time or mind power to fuss with beautiful complicated make up This time, if I recall correctly, I used Substitute for Love all over the lid blended to the crease and then i went in with Pure Ganache all around the upper and lower lashline, but i feel unfortunately the camera doesn’t show it quite well.

I usually do the one shadow look either with Substitute for Love or Freshly Toasted all over the lid and blown out past the crease; this time I pimped it up with the golden shade as an eyeliner. I took this colors to the crease and blended them out with Substitute for Love.

Look number 3

We have officially arrived to the middle of the week! Just a few more days to go and then we will be done! Ain’t this eye make up pretty?! I really like it as well. I guess everything i play a bit more with shades and placement i come up with something i normally quite like. I wish I had time to do so more often!

To achieve this look, i put down Wam Notes and followed with a layer of Sweeter End. I took both shades to the crease and blended them out with Substitute for Love. I don’t really remember anymore if I used Beans are White to deepen to the outer portion of the eye or if I just left it as it was. On the lower lashing I used Freshly Toasted. I used the MAC red shade of lipstick with this look and i think it complemented the warm tones very well.

Look number 4

Another easy easy look for all the girls out there who also don’t have more than a few minutes in the morning to get ready. I used Sublte Blend with a bit of Pure Ganache layered on top all over the lid, blended out with a mix of Substitute for Love and Freshly Toasted. As an inner corner highlight – which is something I hadn’t don’t yet this week, i went with Sweeter End. The eyeliner shade was Warm Notes, just for a little touch of something.

I think i might have popped a bit of Sweeter End – again – as an inner corner highlight. This shade is just so perfect for it, or just for a very light wash of sheen on the eye if you want to keep it really simple.

Look number 5

This was one of my favorite looks of the all week. It did require a bit more *effort* for my standards but it was so much fun seeing how it all came together in the end.

On the lids i used Warm Notes, the beautiful burgundy shade of the palette I have already used in a previous look. To blend it out I used again a mixture of Substitute for Love and Freshly Toasted through the crease. I deepened the outter „V“ portion of the eye with Beans are White, which I also used for the lower lashing together with Warm Notes. As as inner corner highlight, Sweeter End seemed like the perfect option due to its pinky tone.

And that is my week of Cocoa Blend! Hope i could maybe give you some inspiration to try some new looks with this palette!

XO, LG, Bjs,


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