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One Week of Red Lipstick

Hello, Hallo, Olá!

(12th October 2018)

Just a few minutes ago i was watching Hannah Louise Poston´s video collab with Georgia Harris on things they are a sucker for. At some moment, Hannah comments that she loves a nice red orange lipstick, and that she had so many although she would just use such colour maybe once a week. You probably identify with her comments – I know i do. I too have a bunch of red lipsticks and i don´t get that much wear out of them. With that in mind, I´m presenting myself the challenge of using red lipstick for a week long – each day a different shade. This post will be kind of a documentary of the comming week, with mini reviews on the lipsticks after a day of use.

But before i go on, please go check Hanna‘s and Georgia‘s videos HIER and HIER in respective order. I loved not only the videos but their channels are really great, plus they seem to be really nice girls.

One week of Red Lipstick starts now!

Day 1 – 12th October 2018

Today i went with a very minimal make up look. Not because I was feeling editorial or thinking I could pull it off, but because I just didn´t have the time to slap whatever else on my face. Thank God for the sun light for adding some natural blur, because my skin was not in a super condition that day.

The 5 minute Make up consisted of highlighter, brow pencil, a red lipstick and lipliner. The lipshade i picked is the MAC Viva Glam SIA, that came out in the beginning of this year. It´s a matte finish and a deeper red tone i feels suits this season very well. Usually i prefer lighter and brighter reds, but this was kind of an impulse purchase because i always wanted a Viva Glam and now the artist was just one of my faves.

Btw, the lipliner was a little bit darker than the lipstick (i used p2 perfect look lipliner in the shade Grape). I cannot by the life of me use a red lip without a liner, it just ends up in a messy application everytime i try to do it. Apparently, it´s the only occasion where i can paint within lines without going out of the demarcation. LOL.

Day 2 – 13th October 2018

Day two of this experiment incorporated a lot more make up than yesterday. I didn’t really feel uncomfortable in my bare skin but a little bit extra coverage and pimping never hurt.

Today´s red also came from MAC, but in its Retro Matte Liquid formula. This shade is called Feels so Grand, and that’s also how i feel when i look in the mirror when wearing this lipstick. As a lip liner i used MACs Ruby Woo pencil.

I do really like the retro matte formula, also the liquid version. They don‘t let me down and stay put even through eating and drinking. Sure, you‘ll need to touch up after, but nothing dramatic. Some people mention them being very drying but i don‘t have that issue with this formula.

For today’s look i used my BB Cream, concealer, mascara, a brow gel, cream bronzer and highlighter, a little bit of blush, tried a winged liner and used a brown eyeshadow blended with the blush on my eyes. I did use a light layer of translucent mattifying powder to tone down the shine. I liked this look and felt very glam, given the fact that i was going to clean my house just after.

Day 3 – 15th October 2018

So we are in day 3 and I just  realized I don’t  have enough red lipsticks to complete the full 7 week day, which makes me kind of proud, even if for a short time (until i go Back to MAC, to be precise). I used to have a huge lipstick collection a few years ago and had an absurd amount of red lipsticks in all sorts of shades and formulas. Those days are over. My lipstick collection is now much more manageable and i still have enough shades to have a nice range. With that being said, i am aware that I will adding up another 3 to 4 lippies to the stash soon, but all these are being thought about for weeks and even months. Enough rambling…

Today’s shade was the Sephore Lip Cream Stain in the Shade 18. I LOVE this shade so much, and truly, this was the shade that made me discover my appreciation for orange and orangebased lipsticks again. I find plain orange very unflattering on me, but a nice red orange does wonders for my complexion. This is the lipstick that always gets me compliments in real life.

The formula is very comfortable and kind of moussey. It applies quite opaque and dries down matte but doesn’t dry your lips out. It‘ll hold well while eating and drinking but it won’t stay intact if what you are eating has a lot of oils in it. But the good thing is, it reapplies very well on top of old layers and doesn’t look caked. In comparison, it is very similar to the MAC formula, but i feel it might be even just a bit better in the reaplication over old layers. And it is half the price. So, if you were to pick one of the two, I‘d say go with the Sephora one.

I kept the rest of the face rather simple, like I always do, because that´s g´how I roll. In the picture above, you can see pretty much my everyday products of the moment for compelction, brows and mascara. Blush is something I change fairly often. On my eyes, I’m using a mix of MACs eyeshadows All that glitters and Sable, with a bit bronzer through the crease.

Day 4 – 18th October 2018

Don’t be surprised by the date lap, I just completely took a break from wearing make up these days, but still wanted to complete this experience.

So, this is last day of red lipstick! Today’s candidate is MAC’s Mangrove, an orangey red shade. Yes, this post is kind of heavy on MAC, and funny enough, these are all the lipsticks from this brand i currently own. As a disclaimer, i must say, my favorite formula is the MAC Matte and Retro Matte, and i had quite the collection.

MAC Mangrove is more recent to my collection but since I have it, i have been using it a ton. I think so far, it probably is my most used lipstick this year, specially in Summer. It’s matte, comfortable, lasts well for a few hours, fades nicely, it‘s easy to apply…all the good things. I use it with the Rival de Loop Lipliner in Red Cherry – they‘re a perfect match.

Here is an overview of the products I used today. The eyeshadow palette is the Make Up Revolution colas with Shoph does Nails, the first version. Ain’t she pretty…! I sticked to a more neutral peachy light look and used that four shades on the top right corner because that is what I was feeling in the morning.

Day 5

The week is officially over, but just to complete the 5 days, I decided to include swatches of all my red(dish) lipliners, so you can have a better idea of how they paired with the lipsticks.

Top shade: Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in the Color 703, Middle Row, left: p2 Perfect Look Lipliner in 129 Grape, Middle Row, right: MAC Lipliner in Ruby Woo, Bottom shade: Rival de Loop Longlasting Lipliner in 12 Cherry Red

Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe it inspired you to wear a red lip rather sooner!

XO, LG, Bjs,


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