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Palette Dupes – ABH, Too Faced and more

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Who doesn’t love some good dupes? I love to know about dupes, even if am not interested in purchasing either the original or the dupe product. Also, lately I have been shifting a bit more towards shopping my own stash and trying to dupe new releases with things you already own kind of idea, so this post is kind of a mix of both because the dupes i am showing you today do come from my stash. Shall we start?

ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe

This has to be one of the most duped palettes out there. I have seen many videos of people duping with other palettes, or with single eyeshadows, creating exact dupes or just creating and showing products with a similar color scheme to it. Although i was very intrigued by the palette and quite franquly quite sucked in by the hype, I still couldn’t get myself to pay abou 55 eur for it because some shades looked similar within the palette and other shades i already owned similiar colors to.

Foto credit: @swayzemorgan

I ended up buying a palette that is not an exact dupe but it reminds me a lot of the ABH if it was a mini size to it. I bought the Smashbox Covershot Palette in Ablaze. I know there are many mixed reviews on how this palette performs, but most people will agree that it is quite the vibe of Modern Renaissance.

This wasn’t cheap (it retails for ca 30 eur, but i got a little discount on it), but it incapsulated all the shades that caught my eye in the MR. I am very happy i didn’t buy the MR because i don’t think I would use it enough to justify a 55 eur purchase, while i do enjoy the Smashbox one from time to time and feel the price point is acceptable. I like the palette a lot and have been eyeing a few more of this series but haven’t pulled the trigger in any of them yet.

I know that Wet and Wild also has a Dupe palette (that I ended up picking up too for the sort of dusty mauve shade that isn’t included in the Smashbox palette) but I haven’t tested it yet on my own so I can’t say if the shadows perform well, but color wise it really is a better match for the ABH.

Swatches credit:

ABH Subculture Dupe

This palette is soo beautiful. This is one of those items i just feel inspired and happy when i look at it – even if i wouldn’t really use it all that much. I am well aware of the controversy – and because the bad reviews really are bad and the good reviews aren’t really passionate ones, i skipped on this palette all together although I‘d be much more ready to shed the money for it. The greens and the mustard together with the berries look so fresh and deep.

Foto credit:

Because this darn palette won’t leave my mind, i recently picked the Make up Revolution dupe to it. I still don’t quite know how to feel about brands that copy other brands, but i appreciate the fact that there are similar products out there for much affordable price point. Obviously I don’t think they can compare quality wise in most cases, but for this exact purpose, it did work well for me. This isn’t a palette i think i will be religiously using – quite on the contrary. But i still wanted to have it to kind have this awe moments when i look at it.

Quick opinion on it after using it for a week straight, having used all the shades: i do really like it. You can do very easy work, no make up make up looks or you can do something much bolder. Also, it has warm and cooler tones in it, which is very nice to just mix and match as you please.

Foto credit:

The greenish shimmer shade is more of a glittery topper – it doesn’t have much color pigment on its base but it looks very pretty on top of other shades. If you don’t feel bothered that it is a very literal duplicate of Subculture, I would recommend it.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Dupe

Of all the palettes I have seen from Too Faced, this was the first one I actually thought of buying. I played with that ideal for over a year, went in store to swatch it, looked for coupon codes at all times, but somehow never pulled the trigger.

Swatches: @TrendMood1

Looking back, I am glad i didn’t because this year I ended up buying the Make Up Revolution x. SophDoesNails (original version) and I do feel that although these two aren’t spot on Dupes, they are similar enough for me to feel satisfied with the far more affordable option.

Quality wise, I feel the mattes are great, but the shimmers are so so. I never have the time or patience to wet brushes or use glitter glue and maybe that is why the shimmers don’t quite impress me. I don’t dislike them but I much prefer the mattes.

Swatches Credit:

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Dupe

This is in my opinion a very beautiful matte palette, especially for those like me who enjoy warmer tones. Although the shades themselves aren’t all that special or hard to find duplicates of, the color arrangement (and of course the packaging) makes this palette a stand out in Too Faced´s line.

Foto credit:

The original Zoeva Matte Palette is a pretty spot on Dupe of the Too Faced. I haven’t used it, but I am quite familiar with their formula and I do like it. I fell they aren’t overly pigmented, but they are easy to blend, easy to apply and to build – all in all I do like them a lot (hence why I have a small collection of their palettes).

I think this palette retails foe ca 22 or 23 EUR depending where you purchase it. Sure, packaging wise, although it is still very sleek an pretty, it can’t compete with the nice TF packaging and smell. But if you really are just looking to dupe the shades, this is a great option.

Swatches Credit:

They have also recently released a mini size of this palette with just 6 pans. Sure, you’ll get less variety but the color story is totally there and the core shades too. And the price point is even friendlier. Can’t beat that.

Also, on a side note, the Mini Spice of Life eyeshadow palette by Zoeva is really similiar to the smaller Urban Decay Afrodisiac Palette (or whatever it is called). If you are eyeing the UD one but aren’t sure about the splurge, upon my experience I’d say don’t and go with Zoeva.

And that completes this post for today. I do really appreciate a good dupe, weather it be a similar color story / vibe or more spot on similarities. Do you have any eyeshadow dupes in your collection?

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