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Products I have hit pan 2018 edition

Hello, Hallo, Olá!

I‘m back with a little bit of pan porn! Yey – who doesn‘t love some shiny pans right?

I have to say I am not a major panner. I take some challenges (currently doing 18 in 2018 and 13 by Halloween), keep my updates more or less private and I am overall in the mindset of being more counscious about my purchases. I appreciate the community because they are kind and have great tips to share, plus i find it really refreshing that although they also share their hauls and purchases, they aren’t just about that – in fact, that is just a small part of it.

Like I said, I am not a big planner. Nontheless, I am really proud of myself because i could hit the pan on these products – which may I add, aren’t quite that easy to pan. Two powders and a cream – juhu for me!

P2 Beach Babe Bronzer (limited edition)

This Bronzer has quite a special place in my make up memories. I bought it years ago, when i first started to watch YouTube, to be more precise, German beauty channels. Some beauty guru at the time mention this bronzer as being very good and i just picked it out of curiosity. I didn’t know much about make up back then, so i just followed the way everyone was using bronzer. Little did I know, this bronzer would become a kind of cult drugstore product here in Germany. Anyway, for a long time, this was my only bronzer, so I made quite a dip in it. I hit pan last year but really expanded it this year. I still enjoy this product – in fact it’s my favorite bronzer – and have been using it very consistently. I will be sad to see it go, but happy it’s done – that will feel like a great achievement!

This bronzer is easy to build, is not patchy (even if you apply it over bare skin) and on me, it doesn’t pull orange at all. In fact, I find this one to be more of a cool tone bronzer, which i haven’t seen many of, especially at the drugstore.

Manhattan Powder Rouge in the Shade Fresh Peach

This Blush is my second favorite blush of all time. If you are curious, the first one is Rockateur by Benefit. This Manhattan Blush is the perfect peachy shade with a beautiful satin finish. It leaves your skin glowing without any sparkle or shimmer. It applies easily and you can build it for a stronger color if you wish. I also enjoy it as a subtle eyeshadow.

Unfortunately, I can’t find this anymore – i think it has been discontinued – so now I’m on the search for a dupe.

MAC Cream Colour in the Shade Pearl

I bought this Cream Colour Base without knowing much about the product itself or if I would like or be able to work with a cream consistency. The more i used it and the more I learned how to use it properly, the more I enjoyed the product. I used it mainly as an Highlighter and a couple of times as a eyeshadow primer or innercorner highlighter. It can be sheered out or very „in your face“ – it all depends on what you are feeling.

At the beginning of this year, shortly after I hit pan, the base went bad on me. The smell changed quite dramatically so it was time to let go. I like the product and maybe someday down the road I’ll  get a new shade, but it isn’t by any means an essential product to me. It’s nice to have but not a necessity.

Here you can see swatches of all then three products. Both pictures were taken with natural light, one more exposed to the sun light by the window (under) and the other inside the house (top). You can see how pretty all these color are.


What products have you hit pan on this year? Let me know!

Xo, LG, Bjs,


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