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Stash Series – My MAC eyeshadow collection with swatches

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

OMG, what a throwback, right?! I don’t think you can call yourself a real blogger if you haven’t at one point in time shown you MAC eyeshadow collection (JK!). Back in the day, MAC eyeshadow were THE eyeshadows to have and everyone was trying to find dupes to them. That was just about the time i started to get interested in make up, so i was quite influenced to get a few of these. Those were the days where blogs were your best friends, with swatches and reviews on the eyeshadows – far more than YouTube!

So, in honor of the old days, i thought I´d share my edited collection – and i say edited because I had quite a few more that I over time decluttered and which found good homes. At the beginning, i used to buy the eyeshadow singles in the packaging, until i discovered the possibility of getting them as refill. Either way, they are way too expensive! At the time, Make Up Geek was just beginning and it was the first company to release comparable shades and quality to MAC to more affordable prices. Imagine a world without Colourpop and Co – that’s how it was, and MUG really started a revolution.

But enough nostalgy – let me show you which shades i still have in my stash. I will let you know which ones are my favorites as we go along. Spoiler alert: you are about to discover my all time favorite eyeshadow of life!

The big palette

Right now, i keep my shades arranged between a bigger palette, which houses all my refills, a little quad with four shades I have depotted and 2 eyeshadow singles. I am going to start with my larger palette, where most of my MAC eyeshadow collection lives. I keep reorganizing this palette and occasionally will put this shades in an empty 6 pan palette for traveling purposes or just to focus more specifically on the chosen shades. So my palette doesn’t always looks like this.

Top row, L to R: Nylon, Naked Lunch, Expensive Pink, Swiss Chocolate, Antiqued and Sumptuous Olive. Middle row, L to R: Blackberry, Honesty, Texture, Charcoal Brown, Espresso and Embark. Bottom row, L to R: Brun, Coquette, Stars Violet and Sketch.

From this palette, the color i love and use the most are Naked Lunch, Honesty, Texture and Sketch. I do like the array of colors I have, and I can easily create many different looks with these shades. Also, i feel unintentionally i ended up with a good mix of warm and cool tones, as well as mattes and shimmery shades.

The Quad

I had many many MAC eyeshadows as singles and ended up declutering pretty much all of them. These were the four that have escaped a very wild and ruthless declutter. From cult faves like Satin Taupe and Club, to shades like Woodwinked, Sable, Smut and so many others – they were absolutely beautiful but I wasn’t using them at all, either because i didn’t like how they looked on my eyes or because I just reached for the same shades over and over again and the other ones were just collecting dust.

So here are the survivors: Top L is Patina, Top R is Cork; Bottom R is Sable, Bottom L is All that Glitters. These truly are some of my favorite shades – and my all time favorite shade of life lives in this quad too. Can you guess which one it is? If you guessed All that Glitters, you guessed right! I absolutely love this shade and will repurchase it if i ever run out. I love it as a lid shade, as an inner corner highlight – even to use all over the lid and into the crease (like I did on my One Week of Red Lipstick, on day #3). If you are looking for a pretty everydayshade, look no further.

The Singles

As you see, i just have two single eyeshadows in the original packaging solely because these were the ones I picked as my latest Back to MAC reward. The one on the left is Vex and the one on the right is Arena.

The Swatches

Brace yourselves, here come the swatches to all these shades. Honestly, I dońt have the talent or would have the time and conditions to make really good swatches, so I did some research online and found great swatches on mainly two websites. All the credit goes to those, being one Hello Jaa (the first two rows with the eyeshadow pan on top) and the other Temptalia (of course).

Again, all Swatches by and

All I did was take a huge amount of screenshots and arrange them all with the Layout App (which, let me tell you, was also quite a bit or work – but I am happy i could use my tablet alone to do it while sitting comfortably in bed.

This post was made with a lot of love, remembering the times the beauty community was just a bunch of girls in love with make using the products they bought themselves, filming in their bedroom on the floor and just really sharing their looks and tricks. Those were the days – before this whole community thing became a huge business.

Have you ever tried MAC eyeshadows? Do you have any favourites?

XO, LG, Bjs,



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