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TAG: Unpopular Make Up Opinions

Hello, Hallo, Olá!

I have seen this TAG rolling around YouTube lately and after watching a few videos about unpopular make up opinions, I wanted to put my 2 cents out there. The Tag was originally a collab from Ola Quinn and Julie (NobodysBeautyGuru) and because it really is interesting, it spread across the board. Here is the original Tag video by Ola and here is the one by Julie.

So let´s get into it!


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*Popular make up product you don’t like

I think I´m going to go with loose products. It is not so much about the product itself, it’s more of a packaging thing. It always make a mess even if I’m being carefull. And if that doesn’t count, I’ll go with fake lashes.

*Popular brand or make up product everyone seems to hate but you love

I am not very attached to brands and the general drama behind them, but I will certainly stay away from some brands just because I don´t like the concept, person behind or its aesthetic. With that being said, Kat von D still has my interest, although I´ve never purchased anything from them to this date and probably won´t in the future either. But I like the artistry aspect her brand brings with it and I appreciate the work of the girls that work on the brands Collective Artistry group.

*Make up collaboration you didn’t like or weren’t  interested in

I am nor really interested in collabs per se, I pay more attention to what kind of product is being released instead of names on it.

*Popular step you never do

I never do the concealer triangle thing under the eyes and I don´t color correct and conceal after. Also I never curl my eyelashes.

*Popular influencer / channel you don’t watch anymore

I never watched the drama gang. The only big influencer I watched regularly and now just very seldom is Nikki’s Tutorials. I find her style interesting and sure it has its place but I’m not in mood to see full face every time.

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*Popular make up product / brand that you don’t use or support anymore

I really don’t use lipgloss at all. Although, in all fairness, the original lip gloss from Fenty Beauty looks very pretty.

*Make up trends you have no interest in trying

Really strong painted brows and very over lined lips – I like it more natural.

*Make up product that was better in theory or worked better on others than on you

I recently tried the golden Primer from Becca and I feel it really didn’t do much for me, but so many people rave about it that I guess it isn’t necessarily bad, it just didn’t work for my needs or likes.


There you go, those were the quick questions. I´d love to hear what are your unpopular make up opinion! Share them down bellow!


Xo, LG, Bjs





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