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Top 6 fave Nail polishes for Fall & Winter

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Do you guys love nail polish or is it something you don’t care much for? I like to have nail polish on – I feel it helps complete an outfit sometimes, but mainly because I find that the color can help uplift my mood or just inspire me in a certain way. But I am in no away an afficcionada or have any talent respecting nail art. All I can – try – to do, is paint my nails the best I can and try not to smear polish all over.

I have been realizing, which kind of color I tend to be attracted to and with that in mind I shop much more “mindfully” for nail polish as I did before. By now, I also know which formulas I prefer so I mainly shop at certain brands. I thought I would share which kind of colors I gravitate towards during the seasons of Fall and Winter.

On the left side, from top to bottom you see p2 Easy Gel polish in roasted chestnut, Benecos nailpolish in my secret, and essence color and go (LE) in the shade 09 instant passion.

On the right side, top to bottom are: Essie Shearling Darling, Manhattan Last & Shine in 630 be my baby, and Manhattan Last & Shine in 940 purple spell.

I swatched them all on Tesa tape on a white paper. I tried to take photos so that the colors would show true to real life but unfortunately, the Benecos is showing up a bit more muted as it is, and the Manhattan purple is showing more grey than it is – it has more of a blue gray purple hue to it rather than just a plain dark grey.

P2 Roasted Chestnut is a kind of muted very pigmented camel color, which shows brighter in real life that on the photo. It´s almost a pumpkin color but it is not orange. The benecos nail polish is a pretty deeper pink with a cool undertone to it. I think the blue in it offers some depth to it as really makes it more of a winter-y kind of color as opposed to a bright midtoned warm pink. The Essence instant passion polish is actually quite similar to the Essie one in shearling darling, but it leans more toward reds whereas the Essie one as a stronger brownish undertone to it. I love to use both of these on my toes. The bright reddish be my baby Manhattan polish is great for when I am feeling a bit sad and need a pop of color. It has a sort of pink undertone to it, so it is not a true red – it kind of reminds me of the MAC Lipstick i love in relentlessly red. The last shade in the bunch is the darkest: purple spell also by Manhattan is a very interesting color: a mix of grey, purple and blue, muted but strong. It looks really similar to Essies‘ bobbing for babblers.

My favorite formula is without question the Manhattan formula. The polishes are pigmented, one or two coats are enough to get full opacity. I like the shape of the brush, which is a bit wider, so for me it’s easier to paint my nails in fewer swipes – therefore with less of a chance of getting it all over the place. As to staying power, they are as good as any other polish – my nails always chip no matter what, even with base and top coats. I guess it has more to do with my nails than with any polish.

My least favorite formula  – or better rephrased, brand – i will say it’s Essie. Their polishes aren’t cheap and they are very hit and miss. I have decluttered many that needed countless layers to show true to color or / and would get stripy doesn’t matter how careful i was on the application. To that, many of my bottles gor dried down just as i hit the middle of the polish, and it is a hassle to get product out and to spread it evenly.

Now I am really curious to know which are your fave nail polishes for this season! Do we have a similar taste? 🙂


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