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YT Channels I’ve been enjoying lately

Hello, Hallo, Olá,

I thought I’d do something different today and share with you some recently discovered youtuve channels that I have truly been enjoying in the last two months or so. These are all beauty related but I am thinking of turning this sort of “Shout-out /Recommendation” posts into a small series, so that from time to time I can just let you guys know who I have been watching more recently. Maybe you can also find some new interesting fellow beauty lovers to watch and support! Lets start, in no particular order.

Rachael Stephanie


I believe I have found Rachael´s Channel quite a while back, but at that time I didn’t dig further and watched just a couple of videos. Well, since around 3 months I have been watching all her videos – new and older ones – and she is wonderful. She is all about smart consumerism, using up what you have instead of running to buy the newest things the moment they release, she does project pans, gives nice and through reviews plus, she is a very skilled make up artist.

She always has beautiful eye make up on and I do learn a bit and get very inspired with her tutorials. If you like Hanna Louise Poston’s no buy year, and enjoyed Too much Tash doing the same last year, Rachael is your girl: she is also doing one year no buy for 2019 and I feel she has great tips to share since she has done quite an extensive no buy this year already.

Abby Williamson


I love Abbys humor. I love her creativity. I love that she has more of an objectiv take on much of the shabangs going on the beauty community. If you like looks that go outside the box, she´s got you covered. She is very down to earth and funny & sarcastic and I  just always have a great time watching her.

She is also not one to tell you to buy all the stuff, on the contrary, she´ll tell you to think about it and rationalize the “need” for a certain product. I love her Anti Hauls. Also, I love her glasses. And her ever changing colored hair.

Charlotte Holdcroft


Charlotte is probably the newest girl of the bunch that I have discovered (like maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago) and I have been enjoying her channel so much. First off, I love her accent. I find she has great vocabulary and explains herself very well wether she is showing you a tutorial or sharing her thoughts on a given topic. Also, i kind of relate to her more directly because she is near my age and is also a mommy.

Sometimes I struggle to find someone that meets these parameters, because I feel on youtube you see so many young people (which is great) but the way they present themselves just doesn’t quite appeal to me. So when i find someone around my age, I tend to enjoy and relate that channel more. I find overall she is a very lovely and well spoken girl, that loves make up and really just wants to share her ideas with other beauty lover. Go check her out!

Paulina Beauty


If i needed to use just one word to describe Paulina, it would be color. The girl is über talented when it comes to make up, she does amazing looks and has no fear whatsoever to use color. I always drool at her looks and color combinations. If you love the artistry in make up and good reviews – especially on eyeshadows – you have to subscribe to her.

She has a great make up collection and something very exciting just happened to her: her eyeshadow palette in collaboration with  indie Brand Blush Tribe just lauched at the beginning of December 2018!

Mia‘s Virtual Vanity


I found Mia actually through Instagram and then followed her to YouTube. The motto of her channel is to love make up but to be critical of it as well. She does reviews, tutorials, projects pans and all the good things and I really like her harsher humor. I love sarcastic people.

Since she is based in Eurpe (but not the UK) I feel her channel is very interesting to get to know less popular brands (in the US), because she shows many items from European companies. Since I live in Europe, i do appreciate this fact about her channel. She also does some really cool make up looks and is not afraid to experiment with color combos or new techniques.

Mariam A.


Another discovery in have to thank instagram for is Mariams Channel. She does the most inspiring, the most gorgeous eyes looks I have seen in a long time. She also plays with color like Paulina and Abby, but she does it in a very different way. I feel she has an elegance to her looks combined with such playfulness that is seldom found. My instagram saving file is full of her looks, they probably are like 40% of what I have in there.

So I was very please to discover her channel and follow along. She does tutorials, reviews, tags and all things beauty. Also, she is a new mom and i so totally admire her for finding the time to film all these elaborate and intricate looks for us – i remember as my daughter was born, every break I had I’d be trying to sleep and had zero interest in make up. She  is a very knowledgeable and sweet girl, I cannot recommend you checking her out enough!

And these are my shout outs or recommendations for you guys. I tried to stick to channels I don’t just really like and value for their content, but also that aren’t maybe that well known – these are all waiting to really be discovered!

Hope you like this sort of post. Do You think I should turn this into a series? Let me know down below!

XO, LG, Bjs


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